A-Bomb is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. He is part of an exclusive pre-order DLC content pack, that includes other characters as well.

Role in the Story

A-Bomb's role in the story is unknown. He is not a part of the main story.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - A-Bomb free roam

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - A-Bomb free roam


Reckless teenager Rick Jones was dared years ago to drive onto a military gamma bomb testing area, but he inadvertently created the Hulk in the process when his actions forced scientist Bruce Banner to rush to save Rick from the soon-to-explode gamma bomb. The gamma radiation transformed Banner into the Hulk, and RIck Jones, feeling responsible for Banner's plight, accompanied him since the beginning of the Hulk's adventures. After Rick Jones was exposed to gamma radiation himself, he gained the ability to transform into the blue Abomination-like A-Bomb.


A-Bomb has yellow eyes, blue skin, a Hulk-like figure, and black toenails on his pairs of two toes per foot. Rick Jones has brown hair and wears a white undershirt, a red jacket, and blue pants.


As A-Bomb, Rick Jones has many abilities, adapted to a LEGO style from the comic books. Amongst these abilities are:

  • Big Figure Super Strength: A-Bomb weilds an abnormal amount of strength; more so than even characters with regular super strength. Being a Big Fig allows him to pick up and toss larger-than-life items, as well as destroy things a normal minifigure couldn't.
  • Transformation: A-Bomb can transform into Rick Jones and back to A-Bomb.


  • A-Bomb was announced, alongside the other DLC content, by EB Games.