Beetle is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Beetle free roam04:09

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Beetle free roam

Role in Story

He has no role in the story.


Former mechanic Abner Jenkins turned to a life of crime to add an element of excitement to his dull and boring existence. Using his knack for mechanical engineering and aerodynamics to create an insect-inspired battlesuit, Jenkins sought to become an overnight sensation by challenging the Human Torch and the Thing as the Beetle, believing that defeating two of the Fantastic Four would make him forever infamous. The Beetle would find his true arch-nemesis in the form of Spider-Man, who first met him after he kidnapped the Human Torch's girlfriend and would be his perennial foil in the months and years to come. In more recent times, Beetle has reformed and joined the Thunderbolts, a superhero team of ex-villains.


Beetle wears a dark red helmet, a gray gasmask with green lenses, a dark red shirt, a gray chestplate, a gray-and-green utility belt, red pants, gray gloves, and a pair of mechanical wings.


  • Flight: Beetle can use his mechanical wings to fly.
  • Laser Beam: Beetle can project a laser beam capable of destroying gold LEGO objects.
  • Missiles: Beetle can launch missiles capable of destroying silver LEGO objects.
  • Repulsor Blast: Beetle's armor, like Iron Man's, can project repulsor blasts.
  • Computer Hacking: Beetle can hack into advanced computers.


  • Beetle retains his appearance from that of the Ultimate Spider-Man television series & the comics of the same name.
  • Steven Blum had also voiced Beetle in the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.
  • Beetle's first special attack is to perform a downward flying slam with the enemy.
  • Beetle's second special attack is to grab the enemy, fly him into the air, and slam him against the ground.


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