Blade is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in Story

He appears in New York City to give you side missions before he can be unlocked.


Eric Brooks, alias Blade, is a Daywalker, a human/vampire hybrid that can survive in the sunlight. As vengeance against the murderous vampire Deacon Frost, who killed his mother, and to avenge the deaths of those to die permanently to satiate the hunger of the undead, Blade had dedicated his existence to the destruction of all evil vampires.


Blade wears pants, gloves, and a jacket, all of which are made of black leather. Blade also wears a pair of sunglasses and slings his jet-black sword over his back until its next usage. Strangely, Blade wears no shirt, and his jacket is unzipped/unbuttoned. Consequently, he is visibly bare-chested.


Blade's Sword: Blade carries a jet-black sword which is normally slung over his back but can be unsheathed when the time for battle comes. In addition to being used to lethal effect in melee combat, Blade can throw his sword through the air like a boomerang with extreme precision, striking multiple targets in succession before his blade returns to him. If Blade needs to fight while his sword is ricocheting off of targets elsewhere, Blade resorts to his gloved fists to beat foes into submission.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Blade free roam04:26

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Blade free roam


  • Blade's first special attack is to sweep the enemy off his feet using his sword and jump on his torso while he is down to crush him to death.
  • Blade's second special attack is to stun the enemy with a grab attack and dispatch him with a sword swipe.

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