There are a total of 12 levels or "bonus stages" in LEGO_Marvel_Super_Heroes. They have comic style intros and outros, narrated by Deadpool. Other than "The Brick Apple", each level has a hidden Deadpool brick (Red brick) which can be bought from his room on-board the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. These levels can be accessed by finding a doorway somewhere in Manhattan, all of which are marked on the map, like the normal levels. For "The Brick Apple", the door is in the base of the Statue of Liberty, for the others, they are near the level's location. Similarly to other games, most of these doors have to be constructed before being entered, and some have other things that have to be done.

The following is a list and description of each bonus stage:


Level Playable characters Location Enemies Bosses How to unlock
The Brick Apple

Manhattan (in LEGO form)

None None Finish the Story
House Party Protocol

Stark Tower

None Finish Story Mode
Tabloid Tidy Up

The Daily Bugle

None None Collect 10 Gold Bricks
Nuff Said Marvel H.Q.
  • Prisoners
Collect 20 Gold Bricks
A Shock Withdrawal Bank
  • Prisoners
Collect 30 Gold Bricks
Feeling Fisky Fisk Tower Collect 50 Gold Bricks
Put Up Your Dukes Fogwell's Gym None Collect 75 Gold Bricks
Stunt Show Surprise Circus
  • Skeletons
Collect 100 Gold Bricks
Reptilian Ruckus Reptile House None Collect 125 Gold Bricks
Stranger Danger Haunted House
  • Skeletons
Collect 150 Gold Bricks
The Thrill of the Chess Ferry
  • Gaurds
  • Prisoners
Collect 175 Gold Bricks
Bro-tunheim Asgard Collect 200 Gold Bricks


  • Spider-Man is playable in 4 levels, while Captain America and Iron Man are playable in 2 levels.
  • The Brick Apple and Tabloid Tidy Up are the only levels to not feature boss battles.
  • The Brick Apple, Tabloid Tidy Up, The Thrill of the Chess and Bro-tunheim are the only 4 levels where you play as the villains.

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