Damage Control Workers are playable characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in the Story

They do not have a major role in the story, but they are frequently seen throughout New York City, with one worker being unlockable.


Damage Control was founded as a construction company that primarily specializes in the aftermaths of superhero-supervillain conflicts, with its two owners being Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk, who equally share one half of Damage Control's stock. However, Stark is perturbed by the idea of cooperating on a long-term basis with Fisk, who is the notorious Kingpin of Crime. Recently, Damage Control's corrupt CEO Walter Declun used an addictive drug to boost the super-criminal Nitro's powers to make him blow up a large part of a town, though Wolverine saw both Nitro and Declun punished for their evil deed.


Damage Control Workers wear yellow hardhats, partially zipped-up orange jumpsuits with Damage Control logos on the sleeves, white undershirts, black boots, yellow gloves, green belts, and nametags.




  • There only seem to be male Damage Control Workers.