Role In the story

Dark Phoenix is closely associated with Phoenix.


The Dark Phoenix is the cosmic world-destroying villain that the X-Man Phoenix became when Mastermind's manipulations took their toll on her mind. After the fragment of Phoenix that was taken from Jean Grey's mind restored her sanity, she committed suicide on the Moon to save the universe.


Dark Phoenix has red hair, a red shirt, a black-and-yellow collar bearing a phoenix symbol, a yellow sash across her waist, yellow gloves and boots, and red pants.


  • Telekinesis: Dark Phoenix can lift pink LEGO objects with her mind.
  • Mind Control: Dark Phoenix can control the minds of others.
  • Flight: By sprouting wings of psychic flame, Dark Phoenix can fly like her namesake.
  • Psychic Pyrokinesis: Dark Phoenix can generate psychic flames in the form of fireballs or beams of fire.
  • Force Field Projection: Dark Phoenix can create force fields with her mind.

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