Exploratory Laboratory is the third level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes





  • Scientists
  • Scientists (Symbiote)
  • Hazmat (Symbiote)


  • Time Square
  • Oscorp


Doctor Octopus is being taken away to custody. Black Widow and Hawkeye arrives at the scene to find Green Goblin, he is at Oscorp. The two tell Captain America and Mister Fantastic to head back to Baxter Building to find more Cosmic Brick and Spider-Man head to Oscorp while Black Widow and Hawkeye meets him there.

Spider-Man is waiting at the elevator and Black Widow and Hawkeye catches up before he left them. When the three exit there, Green Goblin attacks them and locks the doors. Black Widow manages to unlock them. The three heroes briefly fight Goblin before he escapes to the top level of the tower. He then sets laser so they can't get past them, but Black Widow uses her invisibilty to get past them and disable them.

They catch up to Green Goblin at his office, who taunts them for having a "visitor pass" and sends them to the bottom level of the tower, where their are alot of traps there. They manage to escape the traps and then Venom arrives and sends his Symbiote Scientists to destroy them. The heroes then head forward to the tower and heading towards the Symbiote lair, where Venom is waiting.

They fight Venom and his Symbiote Scientists, they uses sounds, radio and flame thrower to attack Venom. After the fight, Venom is defeated and the heroes try to catch Green Goblin, but they are too late as he escapes with the Cosmic Brick. Spider-Man tells Black Widow and Hawkeye to get other heroes to track him down as he has to do howework, dishes, explain to his girlfriend about always leaving her and leaves the place. Black Widow and Hawkeye head back to Shield helicarrier.


  • This is Spider-Man's third playable chapter in a row. 

Lego Marvel Superheroes Walkthrough Part 3 Let's Play Gameplay Playthrough XBOX360 PS3 PC40:00

Lego Marvel Superheroes Walkthrough Part 3 Let's Play Gameplay Playthrough XBOX360 PS3 PC

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