LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Frost Giant free roam03:00

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Frost Giant free roam

The Frost Giants are playable characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in the Story

Loki recruits the Frost Giants to invade Asgard and freeze it over to assist in his conquest. The Frost Giants also battle Wolverine, Captain America, Human Torch, and Thor when they come to Asgard and multiple hordes of them are defeated in the process.


The extra-dimensional humanoid residents of the Norse mythological realm of Jotunheim, Frost Giants were led against Asgard and its gods in a great war by their leader Laufey. The war won by Asgard after Laufey was seemingly slain by Odin, the Frost Giants still remained disdainful nonetheless. Primarily antagonistic towards Thor and his allies, Frost Giants have been used as henchmen by Loki before.


  • Ice Sword: Frost Giants use ice swords to battle.
  • Ice Blast: Frost Giants have the power of limited cryokinesis, being able to release projectiles of ice at high speeds


  • Frost Giants were revealed in the E3 2013 demo.


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