Gambit is a playble character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and is voiced by Phil LaMar.

Role in the Story

Gambit’s only story appearance is during Juggernauts and Crosses, where he aids his fellow X-Men in defending the X-Mansion by leading Juggernaut on a wild chase through the mansion’s corridors, while also using his exploding playing cards to hold the hulking mutant at bay.


Remy LeBeau, A.K.A. Gambit, was raised in Louisiana to be a professional criminal by the Thieves' Guild and used his education in sleight-of-hand, bo staff combat, and stealth to, of course, be a thief. Because his mutant powers grew out of control, Gambit struck a deal with the appropriately named Mister Sinister: Sinister would remove a part of Gambit's brainstem to lower his power levels without any other side effects, and Gambit would lead the Marauders, a group of mercenaries loyal to Sinister, into the New York sewer tunnels inhabited by the mutant Morlocks. When he realized the Marauders were out to kill the Morlocks, he tried to stop them but only managed to save one. Gambit then joined the X-Men, and thoughhis teammates were at first suspicious of him because of his criminal past, gave since come to trust him.


Gambit has brown hair, red eyes, a black helmet that does not conceal the face, a blue-and-black collar, a purple shirt, a blue belt, black pants, blue boots and shin-guards, a brown trenchcoat, and a metallic bo staff. He conceals a deck of cards that can be withdrawn at any moment to throw charged cards at enemies or objects.


  • Charged Cards: Gambit can destroy his foes by charging simple playing cards with enough kinetic energy to make them explode and then throwing them.
  • Bo Staff: Gambit fights in melee combat situations with his bo staff. He can even use the staff as a medium through which he charges enemies with enough kinetic energy to kill them by way of explosion.
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Gambit free roam

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Gambit free roam


  • Gambit was first seen in the game's gameplay demo at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. According the game's developers, Gambit was initially not planned to be in the game, but was added due to fan demand after the game was announced in January 2013.
  • Phil LaMarr previously voiced Gambit in Wolverine & the X-Men & X-Men Destiny.
  • Gambit is one of those characters where to unlock him you have to do 3 quests for him.
  • His catchphrase is Mon ami which means My friend in French.