Ghost Rider's Motorcycle is a driveable motorbike in LEGO Marvel Super HeroesIt seats up to one passenger and  is driveable only on solid terrain. It is the primary method of transportation for Ghost Rider.


This motorcycle is the common mode of transportation of Ghost Riders. It was created by Mephisto as the steed of his bounty hunter the Spirits of Vengeance. It has large skull on the front which makes it a very intimidating vehicle on the road. It is powered by Hellfire; and is not effected by the natural laws of physics The motorcycle is capable of moving at incredible speeds, moving up vertical surfaces, cross bodies of water and at some times capable of flight. The wheels are constantly on fire, which leaves a trail along the road when moving at its incredible speeds.

The motorcycle will follow the command of the Ghost Rider, even when he is not riding it. The bike will follow his every order.


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