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Deadpool Video Review


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Gilbert Is The Worried One He Got Burnt By Forestfire Alot Of Times He Has The Power To Freeze Water And When He Jumps he Makes And Ice Rail. He Appeared In The Great Oudoors When He Was Stopping Forestfire From Destroying The Anchor Car The Lightning Scared Gilbert When He Was In The Truck. The Silly Part About Gilbert Is He Is and Acrobat In Season 5 In The Next Epsode Of Season 5 He Was Listening To Music On An Ipod. In The Magic Episode He Was In The Magic Thing. And The Dancing Scene He Was Singing: rockin roll animal. He Was The Winner In The Talent Show He Is The One Under The Bed. He Had The Crown On His Head He Had Lot's Of Talent's His Talent Was Singing. And Once He Sneezed In Swimmington's Face. And In Lights Camera Action Dudes FINN He Was Trying To Get The Basketball In The Hoop. But He Put Himself In The Hoop.

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