Iron Man (Mark 1)

Iron Man (Mark 1) in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

"Much better! A little old fashioned by my standards, but it should get the job done!"

           -Iron Man (Mark 1) after he puts the suit on

Iron Man (Mark I) is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super HeroesHe is voiced by Adrian Pasdar

Role in the story

The only level Iron Man (Mark I) is in is the Rebooted, Resuited mission. In that mission near the beginning in the first area, you play as Tony Stark and Captain America, once you get past the blue walls of lasers, you have to get Iron Man's keycard to the spot that it goes in to open the area where the Iron Man (Mark I) suit is. You have to walk up to it as Tony Stark and press X (Square for Playstation) and he jumps into it and comes back out with the Iron Man (Mark I) armor on. For most of the rest of the level you play as Iron Man (Mark I) until you suit up in the Iron Man (Mark 42) Suit.


In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man (Mark I) appears all grey with an arc reactor on his chest. He is a minifigure in not a bid-fig like Hulk sometimes if you don't move for a long time he opens his mask up and you see Tony Stark's face and he waves.


Tony Stark was a billionaire philanthropist until he took a trip to somewhere in the Middle East with the army. After the army members he was with has been killed Tony Stark ran behind a rock and someone threw a grenade and it exploded and Tony Stark got knocked out. He woke up in a cave captured by The Ten Rings. After a little time in the cave Tony Stark ended up building a suit which was Iron Man (Mark I). He used that for his escape from the Ten Rings jail cave and ended up later being one of the members of The Avengers. He also has a tower called Stark Tower which later became the Avengers Tower.


  • Smart - Iron Man (Mark I) is smart so he can go to those little panels and do whatever puzzle awaits.
  • Hover - Iron Man (Mark I) can't hover like other characters like Storm or M.O.D.O.K. he can only hover for about a second or two and just falls back down onto the ground.
  • Explosives - He has explosives so he can destroy silver LEGO bits and also destroy regular objects a lot faster.
  • Repulsors - Iron Man (Mark I) has repulsor blasts so that he can get rid of enemies pretty fast.

How to unlock

You unlock Iron Man (Mark I) by completing the mission Rebooted, Resuited which is the fifth mission in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!