LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Kurse (Dark World) free roam10:43

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Kurse (Dark World) free roam

 Kurse is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in Story


Once a warrior of Malekith the Accursed named Algrim the Strong, the fearsome Kurse was pitted by his master against the mighty Thor in battle. Knocked into a pit of lava during the fight, Algrim barely stayed alive, clinging to life because of his hatred for Thor. Eventually, he developed amnesia and forgot completely how he ended up the way he did, knowing nothing other than it was somehow Thor's fault. Then came along the cosmic entity called the Beyonder, who rejuvenated Algrim, enhanced his abilities, and gave him a new suit of armor before sending him to Midgard (Earth). There, he became a longtime foe of Thor as Kurse.


In his default appearance, Kurse is a yellow-skinned being who wears a gold helmet with spikes and red horns, a red-and-gray metallic chest harness with gold spikes, golden boots, and gauntlets each consisting of red rubber gloves and metallic golden cuffs. In his Dark World appearance, Kurse has a black body with red markings on the head and chest, black spikes on the arms, and horns and tusks on the head.


Big Figure 'Super-Strength'Kurse has immense strength, allowing him to pull green handles, smash cracked LEGO walls, and throw large objects.


In the junction in front of Roxxon Power Plant, run into the Light and then pummel him to death.


  • Kurse is a secondary antagonist in Thor: The Dark World.
  • Kurse's first special attack is grabbing and throwing an enemy, killing him. If attempted on Wolverine, a successful Fastball Special ensues.
  • Kurse's second special attack is to grab and restrain an enemy before killing him with a single punch.


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