Plot: After graduating from the great hero college, a new person was hired for a adventure on the new lego marvel universe adventures named: David Banner, Bruce Banner's brother who was made in the Medical Bay in the Helicarrier Shield, and can turn into the hulk.

Here are the episodes of the seasons

Season and Episode Limits:

4 Seasons 68 Episodes

Season 1 Episodes

·       Mr. Fantastic’s Birthday

·       The Raft

·       Exploring New York City

·       Spiderman VS Lizard

·       Sandman meets Venom

·       2 Blacks, & 1 Shoe

·       Pest

·       Headquarters Fight Scene

·       Superdavid

·       The Thing

·       Abo Hell

·       Moving Problems

·       The Real Moby Creature

·       Devils in New York

·       New Robots God Hell


Season 2 Episodes

·         The Hardest Job

·         The Raft II

·         The Raft III

·         Venom’s Your Mom?

·         Mom?

·         2 Blacks, One Hit and Red Shoes

·         Gate Marks

·         Ice Free Man

·         Juggernauts and Crosses

·         Doctor in the House

·         Horrible Adventures

·         Taking Drugs

·         Sibling Counts

·         David’s Stampede

·         Cycle O Clops!

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