The Leader is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in the Game

The Leader attempts to break out of the Raft as Magneto endeavors to break Sabretooth out, but Iron Man, the Hulk, and Wolverine stop him.


Nuclear plant worker Samuel Sterns was endowed with super-intelligence after accidental exposure to gamma-irradiated materials. Absorbing over the next few weeks as much scientific knowledge that he could get his hands on, Sterns became a verifiable super-genius even as his skin turned green and his cranium and brain size expanded. Declaring himself the Leader, Sterns decided that his newfound intellect would make him fitter to rule the world than any other and tried to bring his view of the future into the present reality, only to be foiled by his barbaric antithesis, the Incredible Hulk. The Leader's hunger for power and lust for revenge makes him contender alongside the Abomination for the title of the Hulk's archenemy.


The Leader has green skin and an enlarged cranium, and he wears a orange-and-black shirt, a yellow belt with a yellow harness attached, yellow gloves, orange pants, and yellow boots.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - The Leader free roam

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - The Leader free roam


  • Mind Control: Leader can telepathically control the minds of others.
  • Telekinesis: Leader can move pink LEGO objects with the psionic power of his mind.
  • Laser Blaster: Leader possesses a laser blaster with which he can eliminate his enemies.


  • Leader is is one of the Hulk's greatest foes.
  • The Leader was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2013