The Magneto Acolyte is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Role in Story

Acolytes serve as Magneto's minions in several missions, and the electrokinetic type of Acolyte is unlockable.


The Acolytes were formed by the murderous mutant Fabian Cortez as a cult of Magneto-worshipping mutant supremacists. Cortez created the organization as a means of getting close enough to Magneto to assassinate him for points in a twisted contest. When the Acolytes learned of Cortez's duplicity, they threw him out and forced him to flee and have acted as the Master of Magnetism's footsoldiers ever since.


All Magneto Acolytes wear red-and-purple jumpsuits, yellow belts, red gloves, and red boots.


The playable Magento Acolyte possesses the following abilities:

  • Electrokinesis: The Magneto Acolyte can project bolts and blasts of electricity.

Non-playable Acolytes possess the following abilities:

  • Cryokinesis: Some Acolytes can project freeze-blasts and ice projectiles.
  • Pyrokinesis: Some Acolytes can throw fireballs.

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