LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Mary Jane Watson free roam03:37

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Mary Jane Watson free roam

Mary jane

 Mary Jane Watson is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in the Story

Mary Jane Watson is a playable character that can be unlocked in the city.


 Mary Jane Watson is a childhood friend/best friend of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, she shows an interest in journalism (though one of her main targets for this job is to reform Daily Bugle Communications from the inside and rehabilitate Spider-Man's reputation, which is attacked by J. Jonah Jameson on a daily basis). Peter and Mary Jane in fact tried to be a couple in their early teens, but they chose to return to just be friends. In this incarnation, Mary Jane is evidently unaware of Peter's identity as Spider-Man. She is also revealed to be a fitness and health food nut.[29]


MJ has a red hair piece, tied back in a long fish tail braid. Her eyes have long lashes, and her lips are splashed with red lipstick. She wears a sleevless, black tank top with a heat shapped Spider-Man face on it. Below, she wears blue pants.


MJ only has the ability to punch and kick.


  • Spider-Man mentioned a girlfriend in the main story. It is unknown whether he was talking about MJ or Gwen Stacy.

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