LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Mini Sentinel free roam

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Mini Sentinel free roam

The Sentinel is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Role in Story

The Sentinels are found throughout Manhattan, can be summoned by walking into pillars of light, and will attack either mutants or characters that get too close to it.


The Sentinels were created by noted anthropologist and inventor Doctor Bolivar Trask, who feared that someday mutants would take over and enslave humanity. Designed to be guardians of the human race, Trask built the Sentinels to be able to efficiently exterminate hostile mutants and neutralize harmless ones. Trask first unleashed them during a debate with Professor Charles Xavier, but they were soon led to believe by Trask's Sentinel prototype Master Mold that humans could be best rescued from mutants if the Sentinels were their rulers and turned on Trask. The X-Men took on the Sentinels, and Trask, xenophobic to the end but unwilling to betray humanity, sacrificed his life to annihilate his creations. Since then, waves of more and more advanced Sentinels have been maufactured to menace the X-Men. Sentinel creators other than Bolivar Trask include Larry Trask (Bolivar's genius son), Stephen Lang (a bigoted government scientist), Sebastian Shaw (the Black King of the Hellfire Club), Bastion (a human/Sentinel hybrid), and Cassandra Nova (Professor X's evil twin sister). No matter who pulls the Sentinels' strings, they have but one purpose to exist: the genocide of all mutants.


Energy Projection: Sentinels can release blasts or optic beams of light energy.

Heat Vision: Sentinels can shoot lasers from their eyes.


  • He can be spotted briefly in the "Big Figs" Trailer.


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