Oscorp is a location in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.It is near times square. OSCORP

Oscorp lab 2


Oscorp is a chemical industries founded by Norman Virgil Osborn.It works on genetic research,military,and chemical technologies.

Oscorp lab 1
Oscorp's recent two projects are Venom Project and OZ Project.Oscorp Industries's HQ is near Time Squares.It's known as the Oscorp Tower
Oscorp entrance
There are many labortories at Oscorp.And a entrance.The labs are symbiote labs,where

scientists focus on the venom project.And the cross-species lab,where Dr.Connors and Norman

Osborn focus on their works. The OZ labs are located many times in  Oscorp .It's later destroyed.

Aldrich Killian is a possible representitive of Oscorp.


There are several accidents during Oscorp's dangerous bio-tests.One is the Green Goblin.The other is Venom.\

Venom 2

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