Role In the story

Phoenix is closely associated with Jean Grey, and is unlockable character in the mission Put Up Your Dukes.


A godlike entity that existed in another universe before the Big Bang, the Phoenix, or Phoenix Force, appeared to the X-Man Jean Grey as she was dying from solar radiation while piloting a spacecraft and offered her a chance to live. Accepting, Jean was placed by the Phoenix in suspended animation and whisked away to safety. Then, the Phoenix created an exact duplicate of Jean Grey's body for her to inhabit while also transferring a small part of Jean's mind into the duplicate. Reappearing after Jean was believed dead by her fellow X-Men under the pretense of being Jean, the Pheonix worked with the X-Men for a time before the provocation of Hellfire Club member Mastermind caused her to succumb to her darker impulses and become the power-hungry, planet-destroying Dark Phoenix. In the end, Dark Phoenix learned the error of her ways and committed suicide on the Moon to put an end to her own threat. In spite of this, Phoenix remained as an incorporeal spirit and over the years took several other hosts, while the real Jean Grey was discovered at the bottom of Jamaica Bay by the Avengers.


Phoenix takes the form and physical appearance of Jean Grey. Aside from that, she wears a green unitard with a black collar and a yellow phoenix symbol, thigh-high yellow boots, and yellow gloves. She also wears a yellow sash around her waist, which is fastened in place by a phoenix insignia buckle. She generates wings of psychic flame when she flies and performs her special attack.


  • Telekinesis: Phoenix can levitate, move and manipulate pink LEGO objects with her mind.
  • Mind Control: Phoenix can use her telepathy to control the minds of others.
  • Flight: By generating wings of psychic flame, Phoenix can fly like her namesake.
  • Psychic Pyrokinesis: Phoenix can create psychic fireballs to kill her enemies.
  • Force Field Projection: Phoenix can create telekinetic force fields with her mind.


  • Phoenix was first shown in the gameplay demo at the comic-con.
  • Phoenix's special attack is to fly in circles around the enemy in order to generate a conflagration which immolates him.

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