LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Powerman free roam05:10

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Powerman free roam

poweman gameplay

Power Man is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in Story


Small-time crook Carl Lucas, while in prison, volunteered in a project intended to tranform regular men into super-soldiers. A sadistic security guard meddled with the equipment that was to supposed to transform Lucas, hoping that the side-effect would be painful. Instead, it caused Lucas to become a being with super-strength and impenetrable skin, perfectly fitting the description for a super-soldider. Breaking out of prison and changing his name to Luke Cage, Lucas began using his new powers as Power Man, a Hero for Hire, in essence a cross between a mercenary and a true superhero. He then founded the Heroes for Hire organization, but has come to be considered a true superhero and granted Avengers membership.


Power Man wears a yellow shirt, a black sleeveless shirt that covers only the lower torso over it, a black collar, a black visor, and a pair of black pants.


Big Figure Super-Strength: Power Man, though not a big-fig, has the super-strength of one and can rip large rock masses out of the ground and throw them at enemies, pull on monumental objects using special green handles, and generate thunderclaps capable of levitating or killing enemies.


  • Luke Cage was confirmed at NYCC 2013
  • Along with Iron Fist, Power Man is part of LEGO New York's "Heroes for Hire"
  • Despite being a minifigure, Power Man is able to lift heavy objects (via green handles), hence the name.
  • Power Man's special attack is grabbing the enemy, lifting him over hif head, and throwing him against the ground.


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