Rebooted, Resuited is the fifth level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.





Non-Playable Characters

  • Jarvis
  • Loki (Cameo)


  • Stark Tower


After the battle at The Raft in the previous level, Captain America arrives in a helicopter, and comes to help stop Red Skull, who broke out of the prison. Hulk agrees to helip, but he rips his pants, and Captain America says how his suit is form fitting, yet fexible. Hulk and Wolverine leave the prison, which the latter explains he'll keep tracking and be in touch. Iron Man and Captain America then head to Stark Tower, so Iron Man can get his new armor after losing his last one to Magneto. As they are about to enter, they find out that Jarvis and the entire place is hacked.

The two are forced to fight through the tower. They managed to dodge the laser doors and Iron Man manages to unlock the suits, he puts on the Mark 1, since his others one are hacked. Aldrich Killian, Mandarin and the Extremis Soldier shows up, who are the ones to hack in the tower and fights them. Iron Man and Captain America then proceeds higher to the tower, where they fight more of the solders and avoiding more of the traps.

The two manages to get to Jarvis and the systems. Captain America fixs him, restoring the tower in the process and Iron Man gets his new suit as well. They catch up with Mandarin and Aldrich Killiam with Loki, who steals the Arc Reactor and ditches the duo. They are chased outside by Captain America and Iron Man, who then battles them at the top of Stark Tower. After defeating Aldrich and his solders, Mandarin hijacks the Hulkbuster armor and battles them. However, Iron Man summons house party protocol, summoning his remaining armors, and defeating Mandarin and destoying the Hulkbuster, but not before it explodes the top of Stark Tower, much to Iron Man's annoyince.



Lego Marvel Superheroes Walkthrough Part 6 Let's Play Gameplay Playthrough XBOX360 PS3 PC

Lego Marvel Superheroes Walkthrough Part 6 Let's Play Gameplay Playthrough XBOX360 PS3 PC