The SHIELD Helicarrrier is SHIELD's primary base in New York. The final Mission, (The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry) takes place here. The player can find lots of useful, resources here, including Deadpool's room, where the player can access extras and comic books. The player can go to the Medical Bay as well, which allows players to create their own custom characters. There are many Gold Bricks to be found, on the deck of the helicarrier, and below it.

The player starts each new game at the helicarrier, and must skydive down to the ground whilst collecting coins. If a player who cannot fly jumps off the deck of the helicarrier, and they are not at a designated skydiving zone, then a fall recovery drone will rescue them. Several characters can be unlocked there, for example Maria Hill, who will ask you to compete in a go-kart race. The Silver Surfer's first mission can also be found here, where he will challenge you to a flying race. The player can also take an elevator to the SHIELD command room. Various announcements are made over the loudspeaker, concerning, the SHIELD bake off, and martial arts classes.

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