Sandman Goons are playable characters in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Role in the Story

Sandman Goons are created to act as Sandman's thugs in the game.


Sandman Goons are semi-sentient inorganic constructs created by the Sandman from sicilon dioxide and pitted against his enemies on his behalf.


Sandman Goons have scowling faces and bodies completely made of sand. Part of their sand-composition includes sand-chestplates and sand-gloves attached to the goons. They can form sand-shotguns from their body mass.


  • Sand Composition: Sandman Goons. because they are made of sand, can, like their creator, travel to new and usually inaccessible areas by merging with pits of sand and transporting to other (linked) ones. Sandman Goons can also pull sand-shotguns from their body mass and use them to fire sand-boxing gloves as ammunition, much in the same way as Sandman fires them from his fists.

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