LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Silver Samurai free roam

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Silver Samurai free roam

Silver Samurai is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role In the Game

Silver Samurai is one of the many Villains assembled by Loki in his quest to find the Cosmic Bricks. He is seen facing Wolverine.


Kenuichio Harada was born to the Japanese crime lord Shingen as a mutant with the power to generate a tachyon field around him. Fascinated with the medieval samurai code of honor, Harada mastered the disciplines and swordsmanship techniques of the samurai, using his mutant power to enhance the impact created when his sword strikes something. Taking the nom-de-guerre Silver Samurai, Harada sold his services as a mercenary indiscriminately to others. He first worked for the fiend Mandrill and in that capacity battled Daredevil. Next, a took a job from Viper to bolster HYDRA's power with his own special talents and fought Spider-Man. After the death of his father, the Samurai endeavored to claim his criminal organization, the Clan Yashida, from his half-sister Mariko, a love interest of Wolverine. Though he was opposed by Wolverine this time, the Silver Samurai later came to his aid in freeing Jessica Drew from the influence of a magical blade. After Mariko died, the Silver Samurai became leader of the Clan Yashida but was dishonored when he briefly lost control of it to a Mongolian crime kingpin and has since returned to being a mercenary, traditionally a rival of Wolverine.


  • Sword: His sword's power enhanced by his tachyon field, Silver Samurai cuts his enemies down to size in close-quarters combat with it but can also throw it at enemies to dispatch them in ranged combat.


Silver Samurai wears a gray domino mask, a silver samurai helmet, large silver shoulder-guards, silver armor with a red symbol of the Japanese military's Rising Sun Flag, silver boots, and gray gloves.


  • Silver Samurai was likely included in the game due to his appearance in Summer 2013's movie, The Wolverine.
  • Silver Samurai's first special attack is to trip the enemy over with his sword and crush him by jumping on him.
  • Silver Samurai's second special attack is to kick the enemy to the ground and impale him on his sword.
  • Silver Samurai's third special attack is to grab the enemy's arm, pull him into a spinning motion, and lethally slice him with his sword.