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The Symbiote Scientist is a character who appears in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Role in Story

Symbiote Scientists are created by Venom to fight Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow in the mission "Exploratory Laboratory."


Symbiote Scientists are what happens when the Venom symbiote initiates a hostile takeover of an Oscorp scientist's body and mind and partially bonds with him to become a superhuman life-form.


Both the normal and Hazmat Symbiote Scientists have the right halves of their bodies coated with symbiote matter, with Venom-like faces formed on the right sides of their human faces. However, the normal Symbiote Scientist's human half wears a blue shirt, a red tie, a white lab coat, and brown pants, while the Hazmat Symbiote Scientist wears an orange helmet with a radioactive hazard symbol on it, an orange hazmat suit, a protective black rubber glove, and black shorts.


  • Symbiote Club: Both the normal and Hazmat Symbiote Scientist can transform the glove of symbiote matter on the right hand into a deadly club with which enemies can be beaten to death.

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