The Destroyer is a boss in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Role in the Story

The Destroyer is a body of armor that has been enchanted with magic. It guards the relics of the gods, hidden away in an enchanted vault. Loki unleashes the Destroyer, in hopes of destroying his brother Thor, along with his allies, Captain America, Wolverine, and the Human Torch.


The Destroyer is a magical suit of armor forged by the gods Odin, Zeus, and Brahma to help them retain their worship by human beings if the godlike race of Celestials deigned to exterminate humanity upon their next visit to Earth. A spirit, not a body, can inhabit the armor and use it to wreak havoc on his enemies. Regrettably, it is incessantly used by na'er-do-wells against Thor and Asgard.


  • Flame Projection: The Destroyer can release fireballs or beams of flame from its faceplate



The Mini-Destroyer is a playable version of the Destroyer than can be unlocked by characters. It retains the same appearance as the regular Destroyer, but is smaller and easier to play as. It has the same abilities.


  • The Destroyer's appearance in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, is based off of it's incarnation in the movie Thor.
  • The Destroyer is a Construction Figure, a figure built from multiple TECHNIC pieces, similar to that of the Bionicle or Hero Factory figures from LEGO.
  • The Destroyer was revealed to be in the game at E3 2013, when it was shown in the official LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer.
  • The Destroyer's realease in the game is different than in the movie. Instead of being released from behind an enchanted wall, the Destroyer is instead embedded in the wall and is later pieced together upon activation. This was done to give it more of a LEGO feel.
  • The Destroyer seems to have been put in the game as part of LEGOs companionship with Marvel Entertainment and their approach to model the minifigures after the Marvel Cinematic Universe variants.