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The Mandarin

Real Name:


Figure Type:



-Mind control

Voice Actor:

John DiMaggio


Tales of Suspense #50
(February 1964)


Stan Lee, Don Heck

"Heroes; there is still no such thing!"

- Mandarin to Captain America and Iron Man.
The Mandarin is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - The Mandarin free roam06:17

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - The Mandarin free roam

Role in Story

The Mandarin appears alongside Aldrich Killian and Loki in the mission, Rebooted, Resuited. After the villains hack Jarvis, they are chased outside by Captain America and Iron Man. After being beaten up for a while, the Mandarin hijacks the Hulkbuster armor. However, he is defeated by Iron Man and his remaining armors.


Default Mandarin

A wealthy scientist in China until the Kuomintang lost their power to the Communists, the remarkably long-lived Mandarin discovered a crashed alien starship in the Valley of Spirits and within it located the ship's power sources, ring-like devices  that possessed powers superficially similar to magic. The Mandarin took the rings and began a life as an international terrorist, combating Iron Man and the Avengers frequently over the fate of the world's freedom.

Film/Iron Man 3 Mandarin

The Mandarin was an identity that British actor Trevor Slattery used in hijacked television broadcasts to unwittingly convince the general public that exploding Extremis Soldiers were the result of acts of terrorism committed by him. When confronted by Iron Man, Slattery was proven to be nothing more than a pawn in the greater sinister game of Aldrich Killian and A.I.M.



  • Energy Projection (Default only): One of the Mandarin's rings has the power to release energy blasts and laser beams.
  • Telekinesis (Default only): One of the Mandarin's rings allows him to lift objects with his mind.
  • Mind Control (Default only): One of the Mandarin's rings allows him to control people with his mind.
  • Computer Hacking (Default only): A genius scientist, the Mandarin can easily hack into advanced computers. 
  • The Film Mandarin has no powers.


  • In the boss battle with The Mandarin he says "Heroes; there is still no such thing!". This is a reference to Iron Man 3, where Trevor Slattery acting as the Mandarin speaks to America via his cyber terrorist commercials, saying "Heroes; there is no such thing."
  • The *Movie* minifigure is based off of Trevor Slattery.


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