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    LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 


    Dr.Doom & The Red Skull plan to use the Tesseract and the Norm Stones to become rulers so they use every villain they could find to steal the Norm Stones from other locations so Nick Fury assembles Iron Man,Spider-Man , Hulk , Thor, Wolverine , & many other Marvel Heroes.


    • Drake Bell- Spiderman
    • Marc Worden - Iron Man
    • Chris Cox - Captain America
    • Gabrial Mann - Dr.Bruce Banner
    • Fred Tatasciore - The Hulk
    • Maurice LaMarche - Doctor Doom
    • Liam O'Brien - Red Skull
    • Charlie Adler - MODOK
    • James Arnold Taylor - Magneto , Thor, Leader
    • Dee Bradley Baker - Venom, Sandman , Lizard
    • Chi McBride - Nick Fury
    • Clark Gregg - Phil Coulson
    • Kari Wahlgren - Maria Hill
    • TBA - Deadpool

    There are so much stuff I will add later but I wanna here your I…

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    Sequel Ideas?

    October 25, 2013 by Tariqfresh

    Hey Guys the game just came out and I am wondering what if there was a sequel they'll probabbly have some more characters that the first one  so any ideas?

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    heroes 1.Blade 2.Black Cat 3.Cable 4.Agent Venom 5.White Tiger 6.Shadowcat 7.Scarlet Witch 8.Quicksilver 9.Molecule Kid (that kid from Avengers Assemble) 10.Hercules Villains 1.Dracula (Avengers Assemble version) 2.Batroc the Leaper 3.Sauron 4.Taskmaster 5.Enchantress 6.Radioactive Man 7.Multiple Man 8.Laufey 9.Whirlwind 10.Iron Monger

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    Well as u all know Lego Marvel included voices but here is my take. 1. Drake Bell as Spider-Man 2.Adrian Pasdar as Iron Man 3.Fred Tatasciore as The Hulk 4.Troy Baker as Loki,Hawkeye 5.John DiMaggio as Galactus, Abomination 6.Thomas Haden Church as Sandman So that's my voice cast what do u guys think?

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