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War Machine is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - War Machine Iron Patriot free roam09:51

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - War Machine Iron Patriot free roam

Role in the Story

War Machine and a remote-controlled Iron Patriot armor appear in a Deadpool side mission.


After saving his close friend, ex-soldier and Stark International chief aviation engineer James Rhodes, from killer robots, Iron Man granted him full possession and access to an Iron Man armor designed for all-out warfare, enabling Rhodes to become the human tank called War Machine. In more recent times, Rhodes was taken up the sinister Norman Osborn's former alternate identity as armored warrior Iron Patriot as well, though he uses it in the name of heroism instead of evil.


In his War Machine armor, James Rhodes wears a gray-and-silver Iron Man-like helmet, a gray chestplate with a glowing power core, gray lower body protection, gray gauntlets, and a gray shoulder-mounted machine gun turret/rocket launcher. In his Iron Patriot armor, Rhodes wears a blue-and-silver Iron Man-like helmet, a red, silver, and blue chestplate with a white star painted around the chestplate's power core, blue-and-silver lower body protection, red gauntlets, and a gray shoulder-mounted machine gun turret/rocket launcher


  • Flight: War Machine can fly using his armor's rocket boots.
  • Shoulder-Turret: War Machine has a lethal machine gun turret mounted on his shoulder. It also functions as a rocket launcher.


  • One of War Machine's alternate costumes is the Iron Patriot armor from Iron Man 3..
  • When idle, War Machine starts to do the Robot.
  • In Iron Man 3 James Rhodes is the first and only Iron Patriot while in the comics he is the current Iron Patriot with Norman Osborn being the first.


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