Wasp is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Wasp free roam07:13

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Video Game - Wasp free roam

Role in Story

She does not play a role in the story.


When her scientist father accidentally summoned an alien creature to Earth, beautiful socialite Janet van Dyne contacted her father's partner Dr. Hank Pym, A.K.A. Ant-Man, and not only learned of his superhero identity but agreed to be transformed by Pym into an insectoid superhero herself. As the Wasp, Janet helped Ant-Man repel the otherwordly threat and became his partner in crime-fighting, eventually helping found the Avengers alongside her male counterpart. Like Ant-Man, the Wasp long ago internalized her shrinking powers as a consquence of repeated exposure to Pym Particles. Ant-Man also equipped her with gloves capable of channeling and projecting her bioelectricity as offensive blasts via attached wrist devices, though the Wasp has since physically internalized this "stinging" power as well.


The Wasp possesses two insectoid wings, which, although not aerodynamically functional at normal size, are used by Wasp to fly in her shrunken-down, lighter form. They are anatomical appendages of the Wasp's, created through deliberate mutation, and not part of her costume. For a superhero costume, the Wasp wears a black unitard and boots, a yellow breastplate, and yellow gloves.


  • Flight/Shrinking: By shrinking down to a diminutive insect-sized form, the Wasp can decrease her mass to the extent that it is aerodynamically possible for her to fly at high speeds with her wings. Her costume once facilitated her ability to shrink and fly through controlled and momentary release of Pym Particles, though the Wasp has since internalized this power.
  • Stings: The Wasp can release small but painful bursts of bioelectricity called "Wasp's Stings" from her hands. Formerly, her gloves contained wrist devices that facilitated her "stinging" ability by channeling her inner bioelectricity, but the Wasp has since internalized this power


  • Wasp's special attack is to shrink down, jump down the enemy's throat, and attack his interior body until he ceases to live.

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