The Wizard is a playable character in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.right|NaNxNaNpx|link=

Role in Story

He does not play a role in the story, but he is an unlockable on the side of the Baxter Building


Hi-tech magician Bentley Whitman entertained only the most affluent with his mechanical wizardry, even legally changing his name to The Wizard to promote himself, but he grew bored and disappointed with his life and sought excitement and thrills. Deciding that one way of self-entertainment would be to see how well he would fare against the Human Torch, the Wizard was labeled a super-criminal for challenging the Torch and imprisoned. Now resentful of the Torch and his Fantastic Four team, the Wizard assembled the Frightful Four, a team of his own to destroy the Fantastic Four.


The Wizard has a dark purple helmet, a light purple jumpsuit with a dark purple sleeveless leotard over it, purple gloves, and an anti-gravity disc attached to his chest.


  • Mind Control: Wizard's high-tech helmet allows him to take control of the minds of civilians.
  • Telekinesis: Wizard has the ability to move pink LEGO objects with his mind.
  • Flight: Wizard can fly with the anti-gravity disc attached to his chest.
  • Energy Projection: Wizard's gloves allow him to project bursts of concussive force or electrical blasts.
  • Computer Hacking: Wizard can hack into advanced computers.


  • Even though Wizard's anti-gravity disc is seen on his chest, it is inaccessible for use in gameplay; however, he does use the power from his anti-gravity discs for flight.
  • Wizard's special attack is to grab the enemy with one hand and use the other hand to tactilely electrocute him to death.


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